Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Every year it is the same story.  A wonderful run during August, performances, camaraderie, tears (of joy) and tears (of sadness at it being over).  And every September our Artistic Director says the same thing “It’s been fun, but next year I want to take it easy.  No shows, I’ll just be a tourist in my own city“.  Then applications open in December and his sensible resolve is replaced with “DO ALL THE SHOWS“.

We’ve tried to stop him.

So, this year, we’re back!

Staging 4 productions, amounting to 58 individual shows, and 39 of them are Ash Pryce’s one man shows.  He never learns.

To find out more about our Fringe shows, just click on the drop down menu above.  We also have shows planned for after the Fringe and into next year – but right now they are hush hush😉

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